“The Bible is little read today for enjoyment. It is not enjoyed because it is not genuinely understood. Apparent contradictions, difficult sayings, mistranslations and modernizations, lack of understanding of Eastern culture, theological and religious commentary have muddied the waters of Biblical truth.”

The Bible Study Group is a Biblical study, teaching, and fellowship ministry. The singular purpose of the Bible Study Group is to study the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in order to understand how they relate to Jesus Christ, and then to teach those truths to individuals who have a desire to learn and grow in that knowledge. As a biblical study ministry we are always open to learning more about the Bible, and have the freedom to change and grow when something new is discovered. Therefore, the Bible Study Group has no dogmas, or expectations of conformity that it imposes on people.


One Response to “The Bible Study Group”

  1. amy birch said

    Thx for bible

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