A Real Butt Whuppin’!

December 2, 2014

I had a friend ask me a very interesting question the other day, which led to a very interesting discussion. This individual just completed the requirements for his Masters in Theology at a major theological university, and is now beginning work on his dissertation for his Doctorate. I have been blessed the last couple of years to be his off-campus adviser.

His question came as the result of a recent visit by a real dignitary, a major “player,” who rode into Colorado like a conquering general, who was greeted as though he was the Messiah himself, who received a hero’s welcome on one of our college campuses, the Pope of Atheism – Richard Dawkins, whose sole purpose in life is the elimination of religious thought from all educational institutions, whose “god” is human intellect and science, and make no mistake, human intellect is a god, and science is that god’s relgion! It is the god and religion of Dawkins, and many others like him, and the millions who bow at the feet of his brilliance. He is the Vicar of Science! Human intellect and science is what gives him purpose and meaning to his life, what comforts him, and encourages him – his “god” by description and definition.

My friend’s question was, “why do Christians continue to get their @#$%&* kicked in the circles of academia, and continue to be viewed as laughingstock?”

Great question! Brilliant observation, and very true! I have observed this for more than thirty years in my study, and research, and teaching of the Bible. The answer is long and in-depth, but in a nut shell, can be attributed to laziness, and illogic, and unbelief in the handling of the Word of God by the “brains” and professors of theology and religion. I reminded my friend of the text he sent me regarding what he said to his professors while he was appearing on campus for the completion of his Masters, as he witnessed firsthand their laziness, and illogic, and unbelief in their own approach to Scripture, he said to them – “It is profoundly disturbing to me that at the highest level of Graduate seminary I still have to defend the Bible.” He went on to tell me how he gets in trouble quite a bit with them. But alas, he answered his own question as to why Christians continue to get their asses kicked.

There is a fantastic article/essay entitled The Illogic of Atheism, by an American Philosopher, Physicist, Mathematician, named Miles Mathis. It is worth a read by every atheist and Christian alike. Here is the link – http://mileswmathis.com/atheism.html

Mathis’ logic in the essay cannot be refuted. He is NOT a “believer,” nor Christian, in any way, shape or form, but rather more of an unbeliever, but his essay is worth the read because his challenge to atheism exposes the illogic and unanswerable science of the atheist religion. Oh yes, it is a religion, a philosophy, by its very conduct, character, and teaching.

Here are a couple of quotes from the essay to wet your appetite – “Atheists always take negative proof against a religion as positive proof for themselves, but this is both lazy and false. We see this with Darwinism, DNA, carbon dating, and so on and on. We have proved that the Earth was not created in 4004BC, so we have disproved a certain claim of certain Christians. So what? It isn’t much. We have evidence the Earth is more like 4.5 billion years old, but it is not clear how this number, even if it is totally accurate, precludes gods or creation. An Earth that was infinitely old would logically preclude gods or creation, but an Earth with a beginning yields just as well to the story of Genesis as the younger Earth. To be clear, I don’t believe in a single solitary claim of Genesis or the rest of the Bible, so do not mistake my argument. But a very old Earth does not score any points for atheists, either. Nebular models and solar disks and gravitational collapses are just as squishy and hypothetical as Genesis, and the origin of life from atoms bumping like pool balls is even more tenuous. Nor does replacing pool ball mechanics with probabilities and gauge fields and tensors impress me. None of the new math has come near answering the old questions: we have simply been forbidden from asking them anymore.”

“To be specific, let us look first at DNA. The princes of DNA like James Watson are among the ugliest scientists that ever existed. Watson is a strange atheist, in that he obviously finds himself to be godlike. But let us look at the actual content of his work. DNA is used by the cells as a source of information. It tells them how to build other parts of the cell as well as the greater body of the organism. But if we look closer, we find very great mysteries, ones that are never mentioned. For a start, the DNA strand itself is built and replicated by enzymes. These enzymes can cut the strand as well as move around the sugars and phosphates that make up the strand. Problem is, to do this, the enzymes must have self-locomotion and a sort of intelligence. The DNA tells the cell what to do, but what tells the enzymes what to do? We have a reductio at precisely this point. We are told that the body and cells do what they do because the DNA instructs them to do it, but why and how do the enzymes do what they do? There is no room for a blueprint inside the tiny enzyme. What propels it? Even more to the point, what propels it in the proper direction, at the proper time, to do the proper thing? I am not proposing that a god tells them, by whispering in their tiny ears, I am just showing that the discovery of DNA is no great step to understanding the origins of life. DNA is just a code, but it takes a sort of intelligence to create a code, another one to replicate it, and a third to decipher it. For this reason, DNA can in no way be a source of intelligence at any level, either cellular or human.”

I’m tellin’ ya, there’s some great stuff in this essay. It’s long and intellectual, and again, he is not a believer, but his criticism of atheism and its “Four Horseman” (Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris) is spot on. Of course, Mathis has critics, who love to poo poo on him as well. I’m sure I do too….likely plenty of them. You decide.

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